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World Cruises – Mankind has never needed an excuse to travel the world. We’ve always viewed the horizon as a challenge – a promise of new vistas, new experiences and relationships that we can barely imagine. The difference is that right now we live in a time where technology has caught up to our desires, offering a way to pursue this dream in comfort and safety.

P&O Cruises offer opportunities to explore foreign cultures and locations. Travel in the lap of luxury, surrounded by the amenities of home alongside world class food, entertainment and leisure facilities. Wherever you roam, you’ll know that these comforts are only a few hours away, and that come nightfall you have a warm, comfortable bed waiting for you. It’s adventure on your own terms, and it doesn’t stop with the facilities.

At each destination you’ll have the option to go it alone or join a shore excursion, with activities tailored to the location. It might be a safari, deep sea fishing or a journey on the world’s fastest train, but whatever the adventure, you’ll be under the care of local guides who know the best experiences, cuisine and customs their home has to offer. There’s no better way to explore the world while still feeling safe and secure wherever you go.

All of P&O’s world cruises happen aboard one of three boats. The Aurora, Arcadia and Oriana each have their own routes and personalities, offering unique experiences such as Oriana’s Caribbean & American Adventure and Arcadia’s Polynesian & Asian Adventure.

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