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Cruises to Panama Canal. At more than 48 miles long, the Panama Canal is a prime cruise destination for those with an appreciation for history and culture. Construction
of the canal began in 1881, and proved to be one of the biggest and most dangerous engineering projects in history.

Connecting the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, the canal even necessitated the creation of the artificial Gatun Lake, and includes many areas of staggering natural beauty. A key component in world history, and the focus of much political intrigue, today the Panama Canal is one of P&O Cruises’ most fascinating and enjoyable routes, boasting fantastic weather and a host of cultural hotspots that make every docking a new adventure.

Local guides will meet travellers as they land, either to guide them on a shore excursion to local landmarks and activities, or to advise them on their own adventures and travels. The canal was first used in 1914 and now, more than 100 years later, the journey has been honed to an art.

Travellers will be ferried from point to fascinating point, enjoying world class luxury cuisine, entertainment and leisure activities. Adventure is its own reward, but it’s made a far more attractive proposition when you know that there’s a warm bed, delicious food and a great social atmosphere waiting for you at the end of the day.

P&O Cruises are an internationally praised cruise company based in Britain. Their reputation for high-quality, low-cost cruises can’t be beaten. No other company can boast the same understanding of their routes, or of what travellers are looking for from the area, and it’s no surprise – having been founded in 1837, they’re older than the Panama Canal itself. Experience doesn’t get much more impressive than that.

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